Wellness and Regenerative Medicine – Episode #01

Nov 14, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

What is wellness? Is it an airy fairy term used to describe something we can’t see, or does it have a base in measurable medicine, with real outcomes? How does regenerative medicine fit into this picture, and how can this modern and functional approach to health benefit you?

Dan and Dr.Sam van Eeden discuss the growth of regenerative medicine, and the use of real science in the quest for wellness and feeling good. 

Hosts & Guests

Dan Campion

Dr.Sam van Eeden


Nuacell – Regenerative Medicine

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Show Notes

0.33 – Dr.Sam van Eeden’s journey into Regenerative Medicine – how did it all start?

2.04 – Seeing how burn wound victims recovered from traumatic injury with amazing recovery inspired Dr.Sam.

2.57 – How is regenerative medicine different from a more traditional approach to medicine?

4.38 – Dr.Sam’s Medical Research degree taught him how to question things more.

5.45 – How snake bite victims recovered from other illnesses using the regenerative capabilities of the body.

11.25 – What is the point of regenerative medicine?

14.00 – Doctors who are using regenerative medicine are pioneers in the medical field.

14.52 – Being too comfortable sticking to the same old treatments kills progression in the field.

20.57 – Dan’s background and how he became involved with regenerative medicine from a physiotherapy standpoint.

22.45 – Medicine has lost the personal touch in many cases.

25.00 – The guys discuss wellness and what that actually means.

29.09 – The link between your wellness, neuroscience and the ability of the power of your mind to actually affect your medical health.

37.43 – Combining science and medicine with actually feeling good, not just ‘getting better’.

43.47 – Why shouldn’t a beautician do a filler?

53.55 – What does Dr.Sam get from regenerative medicine, why does he do it?

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