Take Control of Your Health with Eoin Lacey – Episode #05

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Eoin Lacey, expert in Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Health and Wellness from the Irish Strength Institute, has built a career around helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, from the average person seeking weight loss, to the elite and Olympic level athlete chasing world records.


Today Eoin speaks with Dan about the importance of taking an individualized approach to your health, setting proper goals and plans, and the steps you can take to regain control of your own body and make the improvements you have been yearning for in your own life, even if the aim is just to simply feel good.


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Dan Campion

Eoin Lacey


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Show Notes

0.35 – Eoin Lacey describes his own background, and how he started out his career in commercial gyms.

3.30 – Eoin set up the Irish Strength Institute with John Connor.

5.05 – In government departments you are very restricted in terms of courses you can study or develop.

5.46 – The ISI has 6 locations currently.

7.04 – As a normal person hoping to achieve a goal, where exactly should you start?

7.58 – The GTI principle applied by Eoin, what is the objective of the training?

8.30 – To improve at something you need to test it.

9.20 – Be specific about whatever it is you want to do or achieve.  

10.40 – Get advice on training before starting, don’t think you can simply show up and start training with no advice or experience.

12.18 – Crossfit gets you good at doing crossfit. Some Crossfit centres don’t prepare their members properly for the demands of the discipline.

13.11 – Eoin says there is no such thing as true functional training as it is traditionally understood.

14.00 – The Period Of Delayed Transmutation is the time it takes for a training effect to carry over to a sport, which is generally about 6 weeks.

15.10 – Treadmills force you into extension and do not mimic a normal running pattern, and can actually hamper performance.

17.00 – You don’t want all show no go, you want to apply the training to the activity.

17.42 – Match your training to your athletic endeavour.

18.08 – It’s not all about macros when it comes to changing your weight.

18.30 – If you’re not testing when it comes to training, then you’re guessing.

19.25 – If you are calorie deficient on a diet, then you will definitely be low in micronutrients.

19.58 – Mean Corpuscular Volume refers to the sie of your red blood cells and the ability to transport oxygen effectively.

21.10 – The thyroid gland is affected by cutting calories.

21.40 – Irish women tend not to take care of themselves properly.

22.05 – On the standard American diet it takes 5 years to recover the nutrients lost during pregnancy.

23.40 – People generally aren’t living the lives they need to live to achieve the results they want to achieve.

24.55 – Dr.Joel Evans has a book called Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses.

25.06 – The absence of disease doesn’t mean the presence of health.

25.40 – How are you going to improve your sleep? What are you going to do?

26.08 – The cortisol awakening response is a test used to measure your reserves after sleep.

26.34 – Process S and Process C are sleep and hormone drives that can be measured to assess your sleep.

29.40 – All of the treatments available are just puzzle pieces that are part of a bigger picture.

31.00 – It is always important to give a client what they want as a motivational factor.

32.41 –  Dan calls these treatments a ‘break in the clouds’ which can help people get over the hump or obstacles to change.

33.00 – Some people respond well to crash diets, it provides a form of motivation when they see results.

33.28 – Most people don’t realize what it is to actually be healthy or feel good.

34.00 – You are 100% responsible for where you are in life.

34.34 – The things and people you surround yourself with in life have a direct effect on you and your health.

36.20 – Discipline is important for progression.

38.16 – Eoin failed with clients, and that motivated him to learn more and develop successful techniques to help people.

 39.05 – Is your health your priority? You have to make time to take care of yourself.

39.38 – A lot of trainers just give general advice to cover themselves.

40.40 – You cannot be a generalist with health, you have to be specific.

41.50 – Corporate Health Medical with ISI gives you usable information.

42.30 – People need to take control of their own health in order to see change.

43.25 – Polypharmacy is rife, taking many medications generally causes a bunch of other side effects.

43.38 – Taking the contraceptive pill will cause a deficiency in B vitamins and Co-enzyme Q10.

 44.30 – Eoin spoke recently with Paddy Holohan on his podcast about supplements. Any food that wasn’t alive at some stage is a supplement.

45.30 – Eoin uses a focus planner and rituals to organise his day.

47.45 – We all wear different hats, a brother, a husband, a father, a lover, don’t half do something, invest in it properly.

49.00 – Eoin is a qualified phlebotomist, he can take bloods for analysis.

49.35 – Whey protein, dairy and acne are highly correlated.

50.20 – Eoin discusses the importance of sleep, and how approaching sleep has to be so individualized.

51.45 – The body does 2 things while you are asleep: detoxifies and regenerates.

53.15 – The glymphatic system is the drainage system for the brain.

54.15 – CPAP machines are given to people to address sleep problems, but there is no coaching or follow up provided.

54.50 – Sleeping on your side is important for glymphatic drainage.

55.15 – Eoin discusses mouth taping to help train people to breathe thought the nose.

55.58 – The Oxygen Advantage provides good information for nasal cleansing techniques.

57.00 – Eoin gives seminars and talks for industry professionals on health, wellness, fitness etc.

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