Stem Cells with Dr.Ali Ghanem – Episode #02

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Stem-cells are specialized cells which develop into all the structures and tissues that make us up as human beings. Many modern regenerative treatments harness the power of these cells to help with injury, illness, aesthetic issues, medical concerns and more, but the use of stem cells in medicine is often a controversial one.

Regenerative medicine expert, Dr.Ali Ghanem, pulls back the curtain on stem cells, explains how they actually work, and how they should be adopted into modern medicine, alongside more traditional treatments, to achieve incredible results for us as patients and wellness clients. He also cautions against the many pitfalls we can face when considering these types of treatments.

Show Notes

0.25 – Dr.Ali describes his own background and the origin of stem-cells.

3.18 – The limitations of plastic surgery when it came to tissue repair and regeneration.

3.55 – How water salamanders can completely regenerate tissue after injury, and how this inspired more research into regenerative medicine.

5.05 – Dr.Sam’s story has numerous similarities to Dr.Ali’s story.

7.10 – Dr.Sam describes seeing incredible regeneration of skin on burn wound victims after gas explosions.

7.40 – Aesthetic medicine can be described as “controlled injury”.

8.50 – Dr.Ali was very interested in cleft palates, deformities, and the stigma that is attached to scarring.

12.58 – We explore why there is resistance in the medical field and in the public to regenerative medicine.

17.45 – A contributing factor to some resistance was a Korean scientist who’s research was discredited after it was shown that some of the data was falsified.

19.45 – Who is doing these types of treatments using stem-cells?

24.10 – Many unqualified people are taking advantage of the grey areas in the legislation surrounding regenerative medicine.

25.27 – Regenerative medicine is being called ‘stem-cells treatments’ by many, but if people knew the difference they might select their practitioner/clinic a bit more carefully.

28.08 – In 1982, embryonic stem cells were actually thought to be cancer cells!

28.59 – Dr.Ali explains that we ourselves were once totipotent stem-cells.

30.22 – During early development, as we grow from 4 – 8 cells, we lose the ability to be totipotent.

31.20 – Cells change from totipotent cells to multipotent and pluripotent cells.

33.20 – Selectively isolating tissue and administering it properly is what regenerative medicine is when done correctly.

35.43 – There is huge importance to having specific training and understanding the finer details when performing a regenerative treatment.

37.53 – It is not ethical to tell a client that you are giving them a “stem-cell therapy”.

38.33 – Dr.Ali distinguishes between research based stem cell medicine and standard regenerative treatments.

39.34 – The best terminology to use in this field is “regenerative cells”.

42.55 – There are stem cell banks where specific research and cell isolation is possible, but that is different from regenerative medicine.

44.28 – It is illegal to falsely claim or advertise a specific stem-cell clinic.

46.00 – Regenerative medicine is going to expand.

46.44 – As a consumer, should you be wary of clinics claiming ‘stem cell treatments’?

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