NAD – The Miracle Anti-Ageing Molecule? – Episode #04

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NAD therapy has been hailed as a ‘miracle treatment’ in the world of anti-ageing, biohacking, longevity, health and wellness in recent years. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, and this molecule exists in every cell in the body. 

NAD IV therapy involves supplementing NA intravenously, and is used to combat chronic fatigue, increase energy and performance, improve general health and wellness and many other applications. John Gillen and Tom Ingoglia, two men with lots of experience in the world of NAD, join the podcast to discuss the many health benefits of using this little molecule.  

Show Notes

0.35 – What is the function of NAD? It is important for energy production in the body, and acts on sirtuins, a set of enzymes that control genetic pathways for ageing
1.00 – NAD levels decrease with age.
1.48 – Fasting and exercise can increase Nad levels.
3.45 – NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, and this exists in all cells in the body.
4.05 – NAD is important for energy production and brain function.
4.35 – Tom Ingoglia got involved with NAD because of a personal illness, and was experiencing chronic fatigue and brain fog among other symptoms. He spoke about this in detail on the Ben Greenfield podcast. 
5.48 – Scientists reversed the aged tissue of mice with NAD.
7.24 – Tom had an adverse reaction to prescription drugs which left him with many adverse symptoms and pain.
7.50 – NAD treatment is usually performed via IV (intravenous) therapy, and protocols can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.
8.21 – John Gillen first discovered NAD in 2010.
8.50 – He was at a Holistic Conference in Las Vegas and heart about the use of NAD in a clinic in Mexico. 
9.45 – John saw extraordinary results and recovery times in addicts and clients treated with a 5 day protocol. 
11.00 – In 2012 John opened the first NAD clinic in the UK. 
12.00 – Where does NAD fit in with functional medicine? 
12.30 – Dr.Sam treated a client with a terminal disease last week with an NAD treatment protocol. Within 5 days he noted significant clinical changes in her condition and health. 
15.15 – There is a general lack of double blinded placebo controlled studies, but that doesn’t mean that these stories have not happened. 
16.25 – A lot of research we rely on currently is from the 50’s and the 60’s and is largely based on animal studies. 
17.25 – Functional medicine means that doctors take a customised approach to patient treatment, and this is very frustrating to the scientific community as it means the protocols are difficult to measure accurately. 
18.20 – Many people worry about the side effects of new treatments, what side effects are associated with NAD? 
18.30 – IV use can cause transient ‘nuisance’ side effects. 
19.54 – Most of the research available on NAD treatment protocols is based on large addiction based studies, so it is difficult to apply to a non-addicted population. 
20.35 – A lot of people today attend for general health and wellbeing treatments. 
21.30 – NAD is a form of B3 Niacin
22.25 – What are the natural ways you can boost your NAD levels?
23.14 – Fasting, stretching, decreasing alcohol, better sleep, resveratrol, vitamin B3, Niacin, Nicotinamide Ribicide, NMN are all ways of increasing NAD levels.
24.10 – As you age your levels of NAD gradually decline, and this is thought to be due to the increase in a compound called CD38.
24.35 – NAD levels are at their highest when you are born, by the age of 20 they can decrease to about 50%, by 40 they can be down to about 25%.
26.00 – Red spectrum laser light can raise the NAD/NADH ratio.
30.48 – Is NAD recommended for general health optimisation if you are not sick?
30.58 – Tom explains that consideration of these types of treatment should include thinking about making the most of your time on the planet instead of just recovering from illness.
32.25 – There is a worldwide intellectual deficit when it comes to NAD.
33.28 – Tom explains the history of NAD and Joseph Goldberger and the connection with Pellagra.
35.25 – Abram Hoffer came up with the idea of sub-clinical B3 deficiency.
36.45 – Why is there a push-back against these types of treatment? It’s similar to cannabis, the intellectual property cannot be owned by big pharma, so it’s hushed.
39.45 – Recently, many clients contact NADCELL with metabolic conditions, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Lymes disease.
40.50 – Anti-ageing is becoming the main application for NAD therapy.
42.00 – There is an increased interest from the sporting community in NAD.
44.05 – Is NAD a performance enhancing drug?
45.40 – Things are never 100% safe when it comes to using needles.
46.05 – It’s always very important to carefully select your practitioner.
46.55 – NAD therapy is different than IV Vitamin Therapy. 
48.30 – NMN is coming out as a product designed to boost NAD. 
50.25 – John Gillen speaks about the importance of continuously boosting your NAD levels. Tryptophan is a very important NAD precursor, and can be found in high levels in turkey meat. 
51.25 – The Predator Response Theory says that some people are programmed to be NAD deficient to ensure that they become hunters. 
55.13 – Tom is coming out with a book. 
59.00 – The linking of clinical, scientific and experiential expertise is critical to develop these fields. 
1.00.25 – Common complaints seen in clients attending NAD Treatment Centre in San Diego are addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic disease, anti-ageing. 
1.02.30 – Testing of biological ageing clocks to get a biological number for ageing. 
1.03.10 – Many people nowadays are much more informed on anti-ageing and longevity medicine. 
1.04.35 – It’s better to have many tests done to get a bigger picture view of overall health, rather than just a simple blood test. 
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