Male Health: Penis Augmentation – Episode #10

Oct 29, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Continuing with our Male Health series, we discuss penis enhancement procedures with Dr.Sam van Eeden. Many men are curious about these types of procedures, how they work, and if they are even necessary. 

A huge part of considering having a treatment like this revolves around the underlying reasons for why a man might feel inadequate in the first place, and Dr.Sam explains the psychology and social implications of penis size, and enlargement procedures.


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Dan Campion

Dr.Sam van Eeden

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Show Notes

5.20 – Studies show that 45% of men in the UK believe that there is an issue with the size of their penis.

7.20 – How is a penis augmentation procedure performed?

7.40 – The psychosocial impact of penis size and augmentation procedures is very important to understand.

10.30 – Dr.Sam explains what areas of the penis are actually treated.

14.00 – As you age, the aesthetic appearance of the penis also deteriorates, and this can be treated as well.

15.40 – It is possible and likely that the penis will shrink with age.

19.00 – The facts on penis size, what is considered ‘normal’ and ‘average’?

23.30 – Worrying about penis size often results from comparing to other males, and mot necessarily from any functional or medical issue.

26.00 – Dr.Sam discusses ‘Micro Penis’, a legitimate medical concern.

27.45 – Are penis augmentation procedures painful?

29.10 – What is the recovery like from these types of procedures?

34.40 – Does the penis look and feel normal afterwards?

37.05 – What are the risks or side effects associated with penis enlargement procedures?

40.30 – How long do the results last?

46.45 – How much do these procedures cost?

50.00 – You can contact Dr.Sam directly at Dr Sam van Eeden.


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