Male Health: Circumcisions – Episode #9

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As part of our Male Health series, Dr.Sam van Eeden and Dr.Ernu de Villers discuss circumcision, a procedure that helps thousands of men every year with a variety of reproductive and genital issues.

They break down this simple procedure, discussing the indications, health benefits and possible complications of circumcisions, and remove the taboo from what is a very common and normal issue for men of all ages.


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Dan Campion

Dr.Sam van Eeden

Dr. Ernu de Villiers

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Show Notes

 3.50 – Dr.Ernu de Villiers is from Namibia.

6.30 – Circumcision is often seen as a taboo subject, particularly in Ireland.

8.10 – Dr.Sam mainly sees medical circumcision cases.

11.40BXO is a precursor for penile cancer.

13.10 – In Namibia there is a national drive for voluntary circumcision.

14.40 – In Africa, the national circumcision rate is 62%.

15.45 – In the UK the rate is 7% , and in Ireland the rate is 5%.

19.00 – Circumcision is used in some cultures as part of a manhood initiation ceremony.

21.20 – There is an argument currently about the issue of young babies and consent for circumcision procedures.

23.20 – There are many different strains of the HPV virus.

26.50 – Dr.Sam outlines the risks involved in these procedures.

31.00 – Managing risk comes down to proper surgical practice.

32.40 – Complications are very rare with circumcisions.

36.00 – Exposing the glans and stretching the foreskin is vital from a young age.

40.00 – The doctors explain how a circumcision procedure is performed.

43.10 – Almost all Irish males request a partial circumcision.

48.30 – One risk of a partial circumcision is phymosis.

49.30 – Wound healing in the penis is very quick.

50.30 – Some people experience an increase in sensitivity post procedure, some people experience a decrease.

52.00 – Premature ejaculation is a medical condition.

53.50 – SSRI’s can reduce sensitivity.

58.00 – Hyaluronic Acid fillers in the penis can reduce sensitivity of the corona.

1.00.00 – Discussing pain and discomfort during and after circumcision procedures.

1.02.00 There is very little pain, all clients are discharged with pain medication but it is rarely needed.

1.04.45 – What is a frenuloplasty?

1.09.40 – The foreskin and the lower eyelid share similar physical characteristics.


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