Hair Loss – The Modern Approach – Episode #03

Dec 19, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

 About 50% of men and women are going to experience some form of hair loss by the time they hit 50. That means that either you, or someone you know, is going through this process right now. 

A lot of the common questions we hear are: why am I losing my hair, is there anything I can do that actually works, and who can you can I talk to to if this is something that’s upsetting me?

During this podcast we discuss with Dr.Sam, who is a highly qualified and experienced hair restoration surgeon, the facts and myths surrounding hair loss, and find out what are the very best treatments and techniques available today to manage hair loss. 

Show Notes

0.40 – Hair Loss is a chronic medical conditions, and as such it is treatable. 

2.20 – The difference between gene-protected and non-gene-protected hair. 

4.00 – Dr.Sam explains hair loss patterns, how this is influenced by genetics, and the role of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in hair loss.

5.40 – How the miniaturisation process of hair follicles works. 

9.11 – When a hair falls out, is the hair follicle actually dead? 

13.03 – We discuss the medications for hair loss, Finasteride and Dutasteride

15.50 – Discussing the potential side effects and worries surrounding Dutasteride and Finasteride. 

25.30 – What are the downfalls of breaking tablets for consumption, do we get the full effect? Do they work? 

33.29 – Dr.Sam explains some of the different types of hair loss. 

39.09 – What are the steps you can take when you are experiencing hair loss?

42.45 – In a nutshell, what treatments are relevant to you personally? 

48.44 – Dan explains that knowledge and education when it comes to hair loss is so important. PRP is a bit of a modern buzzword, and if your hair loss doesn’t bother you, that’s OK too!

51.31 – Hair loss can be viewed like diabetes, it’s not a quick fix, and requires ongoing management. 

54.50 – There is nothing inherently wrong or shameful about hair loss, it’s normal, it’s not vanity, and it can contribute to significant confidence issues. 

56.30 – We are observing some social changes in mindset when it comes to these types of treatments. 

59.20 – There can be many psychological effects attached to hair loss. 

1.0.54 – We discuss the observation that many clients are very private about the treatments and don’t want anyone to know. 

1.02.47 – Hair loss can often become a burden, and a distraction from other things in life, and people often experience hurtful comments from the opposite sex.

1.06.19 – Many clients tell us when they return for a follow up that they have actually forgotten about their hair issues, which is exactly the point.

1.08.05 – Dr.Sam discusses his own hair loss story. 

1.11.47 – Hair loss touches many lives, roughly 50% of the population will experience hair loss at some stage in life.

1.13.19 – We need more honesty in the industry, and less people praying on desperate clients.

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