Functional Medicine – Managing disease or Promoting Health? – Episode #06

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What sounds better to you: waiting until you get sick, visiting your doctor and trying to manage the disease, or taking a proactive approach and optimizing your health, to try to prevent the disease from ever taking hold?

Dr.Sam van Eeden, a functional medicine practitioner, speaks about his approach to preventing and managing the illnesses and metabolic diseases that have become so prevalent in modern society, like heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes, his views on the issues with the current healthcare system, and explains what functional medicine actually involves, as a concept and a practical treatment format, touching on the importance of considerations like proper nutrition and lifestyle, and treatments like IV vitamin therapy.

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Dan Campion

Dr.Sam van Eeden

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Show Notes

3.03 – How is functional medicine sometimes interpreted?

4.14 – Functional medicine is science and evidence based practice.

5.40 – It’s important not to discard conventional treatment options.

6.10 – Functional Medicine is a study of external factors and the ability of the body to adapt to those factors.

7.35 – In Germany and Switzerland they call it bio-regulatory medicine.

9.30 – In 3rd year of study, doctors shift from studying the body to studying disease.

12.20 – There used to be an information imbalance between doctors and clients, but now that is starting to change.

14.15 – Medicine is constantly evolving and advancing, it’s important for doctors to continue studying and stay up to date.

15.10 The World Health Organization did a study about the link between statins and a reduction in cardiac surgery, but this is not entirely relevant any more.

17.00 – It’s not no longer accepted that statins decrease heart disease.

17.25 – Functional medicine is about discovering the root cause of the disease.

17.47 – Does Dr.Sam think people are being kept sick for profit?

18.48 – Insurance companies are happy to pay for disease management but not for disease prevention.

20.28 – Dr.Sam illustrates the problem with modern healthcare using a Bell Curve.

22.00 – GP’s don’t have the time for individualized patient treatment plans covering nutrition etc.

22.45 – The individual has to make the call about their own health.

25.45 – Doctors and nurses do want to help people but are victims of the system.

26.45 – If the system is the problem, how do we change it?

27.40 – Cannabis is a good example of change affected from the bottom up.

28.10 – In Canada a doctor can prescribe cannabis as part of a supervised treatment protocol.

30.00 – What are the steps you need to take if you want to explore some functional medicine options?

33.10 – It is important to continuously test to see what is changing.

35.30 – Health screens generally test for current issues, not future ones.

37.20 – The absence of disease does not indicate the presence of health.

37.50 – Are men and women both tested the same?

40.12 – Are men or women better at making moves and decisions regarding their own health?

43.15 – People are afraid of being ridiculed, called hypochondriac.

45.10 – People are revolting against chemicals and drugs.

48.00 – We know statins don’t change the requirements for cardiac surgery, but the current medical guidelines have not changed to reflect this.

49.20 – Cholesterol is like a firetruck responding to a fire, statins stop the firetruck but not the fire. Inflammation is the fire, in the endothelial cells.

51.00 – It’s not just about the LDL levels tested, it’s more about the levels of inflammation in the blood vessel cells.

54.30 – The bigger picture of treating high cholesterol and heart disease is not about statins.

56.00 – It’s about reducing systemic inflammation in the body.

57.10 – Taking statins can prevent further plaques from forming, but there’s no evidence to suggest it helps plaques already formed.

58.05 – Things like Lecithin, Phosphatidylcholine etc can reduce these plaques.

1.00.12 – There is no link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels.

1.01.35 – Carbohydrate intake is often a problem. Cutting out all fat from your diet is the opposite of what you should do.

1.03.00 – Sporting industries drove many performance-based advances in nutrition science.

1.05.30 – There were generally 2 ways to increase performance, by new exercise or changing the diet.

1.07.00 – The fast food industry in the UK has grown by 56% over the last 3 years.

1.08.30 – Diet is the most important thing to change to affect your health.

1.11.00 – Most people are motivated to change when they visit a functional medicine clinic.

1.12.20 – What is metabolic disease?

1.15.30 – What are IV bars and how do they differ from functional medicine clinics?

1.17.30 – the body is very good at identifying the nutrients it needs through craving and hunger.

1.22.40 – There is lots of evidence linking free radicals to disease.

1.25.10 – High dose IV vitamin therapy introduces huge amounts of electrons to stabilize free radicals.

1.29.40 – It’s up to the individual to investigate the options for their own health.

1.31.00 – IV Therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal system.

1.34.00 – It’s important to do IV therapy in the context of a guided and tested approach to get maximum benefit.

1.34.50 – Dr.Sam is like a coach when it comes to health and wellness.

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