Be Mindful, Be Considerate, Be Healthy with Gina O’Callaghan – Episode #08

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It takes a lot of bravery, determination and belief to change your life. It takes even more to save your own life, and to take charge of your body and your health, even as doctors, friends and family are advising you differently.

Gina O’Callaghan tells a story of how a shocking discovery and diagnosis of not one, but two types of rare cancer inspired her to radically overhaul her life, focusing on being as healthy as she could, and how this helped her not only recover from the disease, but transformed how she lives today.


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Dan Campion

Gina O’Callaghan

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Show Notes

06.30 – Gina lived with her family in Asia.

7.00 – Her son suffered a lot with chest infections when he was younger.

8.44 – She made a decision to slow down her pace of life.

11.00 – On October 2013 she got a clean bill of health from her doctor.

12.25 – Early one morning in March 2014 she wok with excruciating pain.

16.45 – The doctors told her they had performed a sub total hysterectomy.

18.10 – Gina discovered she had cancer.

23.38 – They found a second cancer that had been missed.

25.40 – The chemotherapy she was offered was used for palliative care.

30.20 – A book she recommends is called ‘Radical Remissions’.

34.00 – Gina went vegan, juicing, ignoring the advice given to eat cakes and sugar.

35.30 – It’s not just about ‘being positive’, you have to apply your focus.

44.40 – She started thinking about how to stop the cancer from coming back.

48.00 – Most doctors won’t recommend alternative options.

50.20 – A diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll die tomorrow, take your time.

52.00 – How did Gina get cancer?

54.00 – She did some genetic testing and found that she had an issue with B12 absorption.

57.10 – Cancer is a symptom of underlying problems.

59.50 – The power of your mind on your body.

1.04.30 – Does Gina bring her personal experience into her treatments with her clients?

1.06.40 – What does a typical day look like for Gina?

1.10.00 – You need tot take time for yourself to reflect and consider.

1.13.30 – Be mindful of where your food is coming from.

1.14.30 – She is studying naturopathic nutrition at the moment.

1.18.15 – Use an 80/20% approach to food.

1.20.10 – How we chew can affect our digestion.

1.26.30 – Gina is practicing sound therapy.

1.30.00 – It’s important to understand that health is a multifaceted thing.

1.34.00 – The body wants to heal itself.

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