Aging – Fighting the Health Effects of Getting Older – Episode #7

Jun 17, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Getting older is generally associated with a decrease in performance and an increase in health issues and disease, but why does this happen, how is aging actually defined, and once we understand the process itself, is it possible to do anything to slow the process down or manage the negative effects?

Dr.Sam van Eeden discusses how aging fits into the bigger picture of medicine and functional health, and explains the concepts behind the approach he takes to helping people manage their own aging process.

Show Notes

3.30 – Aging can be classed as a disease or a degenerative condition in some ways.

5.10 – “That’s normal for your age” is normal for some doctors to say to patients.

8.00ICD codes are the worldwide standard for classifying disease.

10.00 – How do insurance companies view a disease?

11.30 – You are on your own until you have an active ICD code and a disease.

13.20 – Preventative medicine is not classed as guideline treatment standards for doctors.

15.00 – What is actually happening as you age?

17.20 – On a cellular level you are actually aging from when you are born.

18.00 – Cell senescence is when cells cease to be able to divide themselves.

21.40 – Metabolic disease is the biggest threat to human health ever.

27.00 – Can you potentially boost human lifespan by understanding and applying the science?

28.50 – Sharks never develop cancer.

30.40 – As long as your cells have the ability to repair, you can manage disease better.

32.00 – How Dr.Sam helps clients understand what they need to do themselves.

37.00 – An accumulation of damaged DNA leads to cell senescence.

42.10 – If you want to slow down disease, slow down DNA damage.

45.40 – It’s the patient’s decision whether to engage in this type of medicine or not.

48.10 – Education is the key to effective treatment.

50.00 – We can use a wide range of biomarkers as an indication of health.

53.00 – How do you manage a client in life who’s cells are already senescent?

57.00 – Senescent cells are not dead, they can still function.

58.00 – Age is not particularly relevant to functional medicine treatments.

1.03.00 – Aging and it’s effects are unique to every individual.

1.07.30 – It’s never too late to treat a client with a functional approach.


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