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The Human Regeneration Project podcast was born of a curiosity and a burning desire to learn and improve quality of life. The field of regenerative medicine is evolving, and we have more access than ever to resources for medicine, nutrition, “biohacking”, exercise physiology and general information, hints and tips to help us live healthier, more fulfilled lives. This podcast aims to tie some of these topics together to help you build the best version of yourself, and to cut through some of the misinformation that so often stands in the way of self-improvement. 

Host Dan Campion explores the world of science, health and medicine to uncover the secrets to living a healthier, happier, higher performing life, and feeling good. Co-host Dr.Sam van Eeden brings an expert’s view on topics like hair loss, regenerative medicine and general health, employing a scientific approach to the quest for wellness. 

Dan Campion

Dan Campion


Dr.Sam van Eeden

Dr.Sam van Eeden


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Human Regeneration Project

Despite being so different as humans, we all have one thing in common: we want to feel good. These podcasts will explore all of the different tools we can use to achieve this feel good factor.

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